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I'm Jess, a London girl living by the sea.
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  • All of the colours! :P

    Asked by harvey91

    Haha! There’s always one, eh?

    Red - seven insecurities: my weight, the way I look in general, whether people actually like me or not, my cold hands, my fashion sense, how I stand, and how I talk / laugh.

    Orange - six fears: failure, cancer, anyone in my family / circle of friends dying, never finding love, never being ‘truly’ happy, and being stuck in a viscous cycle of constantly hating my body.

    Yellow - five turn on’s: the smell of men’s aftershave, neck kissing / biting, confidence, being able to hold a good conversation, and knowing when to be smooth as fuck.

    Green - four life goals: working in the music industry, owning a beautiful flat / house, being in a happy and healthy relationship, and having happy and healthy children.

    Blue - three fears: right, whoever wrote out these questions didn’t realise that orange is six fears. Take three of those and apply them here.

    Indigo - two weaknesses: gig tickets and pretty / shiny things.

    Violet - one thing you love: my family.

    do it.

    red: seven insecurities
    orange: six fears
    yellow: five turn ons
    green: four life goals
    blue: three fears
    indigo: two weaknesses
    violet: one thing you love
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