White Noise

Piercings, tattoos, good books, and films are my weakness, and I’m in love with the sea and the idea of romance.
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    How do people that have just met get into long term relationships? I can’t even get someone to consistently text me for more than 2 weeks.

     I’m taking a long, long break from one of the sites I work for, and I’m honestly quite relieved. Juggling university, work, swimming, and working for two music websites is rather time-consuming. On top of that, my cooker still hasn’t been sorted out, which is a major worry that I don’t need, and I’m only halfway though my dissertation proposal that needs to be handed in to my course leader in December. Wah.

    The Gods called your name
    and the seas turned dark;
    the earth quaked with power.

    You looked up at Olympus
    screaming at the gates;
    “What will I become?”

    The Gods fell silent, then-
    with a thunderous roar replied;
    "Who are you now?"

    —    Achilles (via meduesa)

    (via 5000letters)

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