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I'm Jess, a London girl living by the sea.
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  • All of the colours! :P

    Asked by harvey91

    Haha! There’s always one, eh?

    Red - seven insecurities: my weight, the way I look in general, whether people actually like me or not, my cold hands, my fashion sense, how I stand, and how I talk / laugh.

    Orange - six fears: failure, cancer, anyone in my family / circle of friends dying, never finding love, never being ‘truly’ happy, and being stuck in a viscous cycle of constantly hating my body.

    Yellow - five turn on’s: the smell of men’s aftershave, neck kissing / biting, confidence, being able to hold a good conversation, and knowing when to be smooth as fuck.

    Green - four life goals: working in the music industry, owning a beautiful flat / house, being in a happy and healthy relationship, and having happy and healthy children.

    Blue - three fears: right, whoever wrote out these questions didn’t realise that orange is six fears. Take three of those and apply them here.

    Indigo - two weaknesses: gig tickets and pretty / shiny things.

    Violet - one thing you love: my family.

    do it.

    red: seven insecurities
    orange: six fears
    yellow: five turn ons
    green: four life goals
    blue: three fears
    indigo: two weaknesses
    violet: one thing you love

     My aunt’s divorcing her current husband and she’s admitted that part of the reason is that she can’t connect with him like she did with her first husband (my uncle). I find it sad because he died over seventeen years ago and it breaks my heart that she’s still in love with him but he’s not here for her.

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    The Blue Pond in Hokkaido Changes Colors Depending on the Weather

    “The Most Beautiful Pond In The World!”

    According to the photographer Ken Shiraishiwho made a pilgrimage up to Northern Japan last month to take these shots, the water contains a high degree of aluminum hydroxide, which reflects blue light – a phenomenon responsible for our lovely blue skies. Shiraishi spent several days up there photographing the pond in various light.


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