You're a miracle.

Piercings, tattoos, good books, and films are my weakness, and I’m in love with the sea and the idea of romance.
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  • “ I want, I want, I want
    god I can be so selfish
    but all I want is your face
    nestled up against my neck
    until the sun rises
    and your hand in mine
    so we never spend
    a second apart.
    I’m selfish for your love
    and I will be
    until the day I die
    because I want your kisses
    to be mine
    and no one else’s.
    I want your sleepy yawns
    and even your shaky
    3 am nightmares
    because I want to be the one
    to make you feel better.
    I’m human and I’m selfish
    and I’m selfish for you. ”

    —    I want you (via lesbian-a-la-mode)

    (Source: vaind, via omgnikkig)

    Softly now, Eve transcends.
    She remembers the garden,

    kissing him, her tongue, his teeth,
    the pink of his gums, her cheeks, red.

    How he touched her thigh & she became
    morning. The power in her hands,

    the summer in his breath. The horses.
    The rain. Eve learns to love the body

    she has and the body she came from
    at the same time. The apples and pears

    and flowers directly above her, her fingers
    digging into his ribs. A reminder: this is the first place

    you called home.

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